Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Only Child

Today was really different than usual. Instead of running errands with 3 in tote, I only had one. TJ came home early from work today so that I could do the Thanksgiving shopping alone! But then I thought to myself what a great opportunity for me to be one-on-one with just one of the twins. They have really NEVER been apart except for 2 times. I realized that just like Tyler, they too need some alone time with mommy and daddy. So off we went to Target and the grocery store.

I felt a little guilty at first leaving Ryan behind, but I knew that he would be getting his one-on-one with daddy. We loaded up in the car and the first thing Noah said was"mommy, Ry-Ry with daddy" It was too cute. So my usual 10 minute task of loading the kids up only took me probably 30 seconds flat!!!! Driving down the road I heard his little voice chatting up a storm pointing at everything going by and saying "mommy, what's that?" I looked at him in the mirror and saw his big grin and his big pearly whites. He was LOVING this alone thing. No older brothers to overshadow him...no one to compete with...and 100% of mommies time.

Once at Target he held my hand so nicely, a thing that usually ends up in a battle with the others in tote. He NEVER ran off, he NEVER cried, he NEVER screamed...he just sat in the cart so content. It was during our Target excursion that I realized that Noah doesn't have a speech problem what so ever!!! He has so many words in his vocabulary and most of them I had never heard him say before. He was putting 2-3 word sentences together like he has been doing it for months. I found myself laughing so much because it was so strange to witness. We were in the card isle and he was pointing at all the cards saying "mommy, happy", mommy, balloon, mommy cho-choo, mommy what's that" He was just so sweet the whole way through.

Then it was onto our next task of grocery shopping. When we were in the refrigerator isle he kept pointing and saying "mommy, mommy, what's that" I kept saying "cheese" and he would say "no, mommy, that" It took a bit of "this", NO, that, this, NO that....until I finally pointed to the thermostat and he said "Yeah" I said "oh, it's a thermostat"....and he said "yeah, that's right". Like he had known all along!!! My shopping only took me 35 minutes! I didn't have to say "Don't touch that, NO, get over here, get out of the way, Tyler stop it, give me that, NO share, if you don't stay by me I will beat you, Santa's watching etc....It really made me realize how stupid and naive I was when I only had 1 child!!! ha ha. I would NEVER change it, but it just makes me think of how much I have grown and changed as a person after having Ryan and Noah.

When we were done it made Noah's day because he got to eat a whole bag of M&M's by himself. He didn't have to share them with Ryan. I totally enjoyed my time with him and can't wait to have some mommy time with Ryan and Tyler. I now see the absolute NEED to have alone time with each one of my boys.

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