Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Today we had several new things for our boys. First off, it was the first time Ryan and Noah were out on the boat! I was feeling a bit sad for them since Tyler's first boating experience was when he was just 7 weeks old!!! But I guess it's better late than never. Anyways, we had an awesome day with just us and Ted and Diane. We decided to go early so we could be done early and out of the heat before it got too bad. 106 today! We got on the water about 8:30 am and were off by 12:30! It was the perfect amount of time, the weather was perfect and the water was a perfect 79 degrees! Tyler did a little tubing with daddy and for the first time he wanted to go all by himself! That's my little independent man. He totally enjoyed it and daddy taught him how to dive off the back of the boat too. He LOVES the water.

As for Ryan and Noah, well they did equally as well. There were NO tears with the life vests and NO tears in the water. They swam all over the lake and laughed and squealed the whole time. They even got to go for their first tubing ride together with mommy! They looked SO stinking cute with their matching shorts, life vests, orange sunglasses and of course their "suckies" on the ride too. Ryan almost fell asleep. He just kicked back on me and enjoyed the wind in his hair. They also brought their favorite leopard and white tiger on the boat too. Those things are toted around just like their blankets and suckies. ha ha. We had such a great day and the best part was that we beat the heat and had most of the day to just hang out in the nice air conditioning.

The other big part of today was Tyler lost his first tooth!!!! It was a very exciting event. He asked mommy to check it and I pulled it out. He said it didn't even hurt. Then he called Grandma Cheri, Papa Ken, Nana and Papa Ted and even his best friend Dylan. He put his tooth in a plastic bag and is patiently awaiting for the moment he gets to put it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy. So here are the pictures of Tyler's tooth. Sorry everyone but I didn't have my camera for the boating fun and Nana forgot to check the battery in their camera and we realized it was dead in the middle of the lake. Oh well, I guess we can let that one slide! ha ha. We'll get some on our next boating trip.